Why GBRacing?

Fitting top quality, bolt-on crash protection, such as GBRacing engine case covers, frame sliders and crash bobbins, to your bike can save you time, money, and a good deal of inconvenience in the event of an accident.

Racing is all about winning, and professional and club racers around the world rely on GBRacing products to keep their bikes on the race track and out of the workshop.

The same applies to road users. Damage repairs, insurance claims, and having your bike off the road can all be a major hassle and unwanted expense, so taking steps to minimise the impact of an accident makes a lot of sense. GBRacing engine protection can be the difference between being stranded roadside waiting for a recovery vehicle, or picking your bike back up and enjoying the rest of your weekend ride.

To find out what tips a leading insurer has to offer, take a look at this excellent write up on motorcycle crash protection from the team at InsureMyRide.

Why GBRacing Crash Protection?

Bolt-on Convenience

All GBRacing products, including engine case covers, are designed for quick and easy fitting. Engine case covers bolt on straight over the top of the factory casings with no modifcation or other materials necessary. As well as saving time, this also means that the original appearance of the bike is preserved if the covers are removed.

To see for yourself just how quick and easy GBRacing engine case covers are to fit, check out this video from The Moto Project. 



One of the key differences between GBRacing and other crash protection products is the use of Long Glass Fibred Nylon 6.6 based materials across their range of products. Long Glass Fibred Nylon 6.6 compounds not only provide exceptional impact resistance, they also offer an excellent alternative to die-cast metal materials. The table below shows just how much more tensile and impact strength is offered by Long Glass Fibred Nylon 6.6 compared with other commonly used materials.

Materials Comparison

Type/Grade Material  Tensile Strength (MPa) Impact Srength , Izod Notched (J/m)
Acetal Base Resin Delrin / Acetal 60 80
Acetal 30% Delrin / Acetal Short Glass Fibre 30% 110 72
ABS Base Resin Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene  46  276
ABS 30% ABS Short Glass Fibre 30% 97  64
SGFN 30% Nylon 6.6 Short Glass Fibre 30%  159  80
SGFN 60% Nylon 6.6 Short Glass Fibre 60%  207  139
CFN 60% Nylon 6.6 Carbon Fibre 60%  221  69
LGFN 60% Nylon 6.6 Long Glass Fibre 60%  276  481


Injection Moulding Process

GBRacing uses injection mounlding as its primary manufacturing process; injection moulded products offer additional built in strength and flexibility compared to conventional machined plastics.

The majority of competitors crash protectors / frame sliders are manufactured from extruded materials, such as Delrin, Nylon etc. These materials are then CNC machined into various shapes. The choice of materials used may indeed be correct for their machining qualities, but not necessarily the best for the application.

As an injection moulded process, GBRacing crash protectors / frame sliders are designed with variable wall sections, and distortion joints. They have an internal, Steel plated tube structure, where the fixing bolt passes through. This enables the 2 part moulding to be joined together, without the rigidity of a solid construction. These design features ultimately allow greater impact absorbtion and distortion within the moulded structure itself. Having an overall effect of reducing the impact forces transmitted to the engine mounting points.

Bolt Specifications

For Frame sliders the bolts supplied are A2 Stainless Steel, chosen for it's Elastic Modulus, allowing the bolt to bend if necessary.

For Secondary Engine Covers the Socket Cap Head bolts are A2 Stainless steel and Hex Head Bolts are Class 12.9 Steel, chosen for the proven durability and tensile strength. With the 12.9 Steel bolts a separate de-embrittlement process is added after plating to reduce bolt shearing. The 12.9 Steel bolts, washers and lock nuts are supplied in Bright Zinc Plate (BZP). The A2 Stainless Steel bolts are supplied in a bright finish.

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